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About Protexplan

Protexplan has been helping expatriates with their medical insurance for 20 years. The name comes from Protection Plan for Expatriates. We strive to offer the best products at the most affordable prices.

We started out as a fledgling business offering products tailored to expatriates living in Japan. We have since grown and expanded offering products to all expats almost everywhere. The only country that we can not cover with our service is the USA (due to local laws). This however does not affect a US citizen that is living outside the USA.

In fact Protexplan medical insurance can be used by non expatriates now in there own country as either full cover or an add-on product. If you or someone you know is unhappy with their current medical insurance provisions why not have a look at our products! 

Don’t let unexpected medical bills ruin your life. Allow us to add you to our ever growing pool of happy customers. We will strive to make sure your medical insurance is high quality and competitively priced.

Medical Insurance

Living away from your home country is a challenge for many. One of the things that can cause a great deal of concern is to not have the right medical insurance. A Protexplan medical insurance policy will at least give you some peace of mind when and if you are ever in need.

Travel Insurance

Expat medical insurance is the big brother of travel insurance. Everybody that has travelled has been offered travel insurance. The main difference is usually the term of the insurance. That and the fact that travel insurance products are designed to get you home if something happens. If you are in need of travel insurance please visit our partner Guardian Angel Travel insurance. You will be sure to get the most competitive prices with great policy options.


If you are lucky enough to be out on the open seas you should check our Cruisers page. We have a large number of free spirits that rely on us for medical insurance.

protexplan cruisers medical insurance

medical insurance on the open seas

Personal Service

The service we offer is personal, whenever you have questions we will call or write back promptly. All our plans have an “A+” Standard & Poors financial strength rating meaning we can pay multi-million dollar claims if necessary.

We are constantly updating our website and are trying to make it as easy as possible for our clients to keep in contact with us. Recently we have added a live chat facility that allows direct contact with the minimum of fuss.

Please feel free to browse our site and sign up for regular updates regarding expatriate life. You could even get a quote now!

Thank you.



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Do you need some help? Please contact us, we will be happy to answer any of your questions. Message Center: 1 800 507 0545 Email: info@protexplan.com