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Travel Cover: Patriot Travel Insurance

Patriot Travel Insurance – Is a short term travel insurance product that covers unforeseeable complications that can spoil anybodies trip.

  • Short-term travel medical coverage
  • Coverage for individuals and dependants
  • Excess/deductibles from $0 to $2,500
  • Maximum limits for $50,000 to $2,000,000
  • Available in daily and monthly rates renewable up to 24 months
  • Trip cancellation, travel delay and baggage delay benefits available
  • 24 hour secure access from anywhere in the world to manage your account at any time

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Travel Cover for Groups of 5 or more: Patriot Group Travel Insurance

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Options on the above patriot travel policies include a minimum deductible of US$0, with deductible choices to US$2,500. Policy maximums range from US$50,000 to US$2,000,000 and cover is available for a minimum of 5 days to a maximum of 1 year. Patriot Group has the same benefits but offers a discount on the individual Patriot Travel Insurance rates.

Note: By purchasing the Patriot Adventure Sports Rider with either of the above plans, cover for the following sports are included:


Travel Cover for Adventure Sports: Patriot Adventure

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This plan offers a deductible of US$250 and a US$50,000 policy maximum. Cover under the Patriot Adventure plan must be purchased for a one month minimum up to a maximum of six months. The following adventure sports are covered under the plan: abseiling, BMX, bungee jumping, canyoning, caving, flying (private plane), hang gliding, heli-skiing, high diving, horsebeck riding, hot air ballooning, jet sking, jungle zip lining, kayaking, inline skating, motorcycle/motorscooter riding, mountain biking, mountaineering, paragliding, parascending, rappelling, rock climbing, scuba diving (to 50m), skydiving, snorkeling, snow skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, spelunking, surfing, trekking, wakeboarding, water skiing, whitewater rafting (to class V), wildlife safaris and windsurfing.

Note: The above Patriot policies cannot cover anybody traveling to their home country of citizenship.

This website primarily offers medical insurance for expatriates. IMG, the administration company we work with, also offers the Patriot travel insurance policies which is why we created this page. Just so there is no confusion about what kind of policy you should buy, please read the explanation below about the difference between medical and travel insurance…

What is the difference between Travel and Medical Insurance?

Travel insurance is usually for short periods but can be for up to 3 years and does not cover urgent or elective medical problems. It covers only accidents and emergencies. Travel insurance companies expect you to end your trip and return home for elective or urgent treatment, and some policies require return home before your planned return date once diagnosed. For example, if you were diagnosed with cancer while on a travel policy, there might be an urgent requirement to commence treatment, but it is not life or death to get on an airplane and return home. Travel insurance is also not renewable. If you do have a serious medical problem, your coverage will end at expiry or when you return home. ProtExPlan medical insurance covers urgent and elective medical problems like cancer, and is guaranteed renewable. If you have expatriate medical insurance, you don’t need travel insurance unless you are traveling outside your area of cover. The underlying assumption with travel cover is that you have proper medical insurance at home or in your country of residence to return to.

Trip Cancellation Insurance: The policies below cover trip cancellation, missed departure and provide the kind of benefits that medical insurance policies don’t have like lost baggage etc. If you have expatriate medical insurance, you don’t need the medical cover that travel insurance polices have, but you may wish to have the kind of non-medical travel insurance benefits that travel insurance polices often come with. So please have a look at the Patriot TRIP policies below if you’d like to have these benefits.


Patriot: Trip Cancellation Cover

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To help protect you from losing the money you’ve spent to travel, there is Patriot T.R.I.P., Patriot T.R.I.P. provides protection to travelers who are unable to travel or are interrupted during their trips due to circumstances such as illness or injury, jury duty, job layoff, terrorism or the bankruptcy of the tour operator, cruise line or airline.


Patriot Student: Student Trip Cancellation Cover

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Patriot Student T.R.I.P. is a cost effective insurance program designed to provide cancellation coverage to students for many of those unforeseen circumstances that may force the cancellation of travel plans or interrupt a covered trip. This program provides coverage for trip cancellation, trip interruption, lost and stolen baggage, emergency medical evacuation and much more.


Patriot Elite : Premium Trip Cancellation Cover

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To provide superior protection for a picture perfect vacation, there is Patriot T.R.I.P. Elite, a premium travel cancellation insurance program. Patriot T.R.I.P. Elite provides coverage for many of those unforeseen circumstances that may force the cancellation or interruption of your covered trip. In addition, this program can provide benefits for travel delays, baggage delays, emergency medical treatment and medical evacuation while you are away from home. Note: If you have expatriate medical insurance, you already have the Medical and Evacuation and Repatriation benefits that this policy provides.


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