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Protexplan has circumnavigators covered worldwide. The owner of Protexplan is a cruiser owning a 43’ Catamaran presently in the Caribbean with his family. We understand and take special interest in cruisers for this reason. Cruisers are no different than other international citizens needing international health insurance except they are mobile, tend to be in remote locations, and are very self-sufficient and knowledgeable about things medical. We have yet to meet a hypochondriac cruiser!

Bronze… The Most Popular Protexplan Cruising Option:

Cruisers tend to choose our Bronze inpatient (major medical) benefit level with evacuation and cover to $2.5 million. The key thing cruisers like is the high annual deductible options offered up to $10,000 to make premiums very inexpensive. Cruisers know that in most places they are cruising, outpatient treatment in local clinics is cheap so they pay for that themselves and cover the potential big hits with the hospital cover saving money.

Example Annual Entry Premiums Worldwide Cover

Age/ Annual Deductible


























Daily Hospital Cash Indemnity:

Bronze with a Big Deductible: If this is your choice, then consider the Daily Hospital Indemnity Add-on Benefit as an extra additional $100 annual cost item. It pays you $100 per day for every 24-hour period admitted to a hospital up to $25,000 per year. This goes a long way to paying that big deductible and putting extra cash in your pocket in the event of a lengthy hospitalization. If you are lucky enough to be from a country where you have national health insurance, there is another daily cash benefit available so you can double dip.

Cruising the Caribbean?

If you are cruising in the Caribbean but not planning to visit US territory, then you could buy the less expensive Area 2 Cover excluding the USA. However, you should be aware that many countries have limited medical facilities and expertise, and if you need evacuation, emergency assistance companies by default will almost always evacuate to Miami. So you should consider Worldwide Cover including the USA option for this reason.

Special Considerations for Applicants Age 55 or Older:

You must have had a physical within the last 2 years for Silver or higher benefit level options providing a letter from your Doctor saying that you are fit. If you are declaring any pre-existing medical conditions, the letter should explain these as well as the type, dosage, and frequency of any medication you take. For Bronze, you don’t need to have a physical.

Special Considerations for US Cruisers:

  1. Commencement: You must start the plan the day you leave the USA. You must submit the application form within 30 days of your start date.
  1. Forwarding Address: You must either have a postal address outside of the USA, or you can submit a form declaring you are yacht crew with your US address, but the US address can’t be in Florida. We understand that most US Yachties use a Florida forwarding service, but this isn’t a problem because nobody gets paper documents by post from us anymore. They could, but nobody ever chooses that option. Everything is done on-line with e-mail PDF file fulfillment. Just use any other address of a relative or friend, or we can provide an address in Canada.
  1. Outside the USA: You must be outside of the USA cumulatively 6 months per year but you can return to the USA for medical treatment if you choose the worldwide cover option. We have 4500 US hospitals on our direct billing list which is more than 2/3rds of all private hospitals in the USA. So there is more than sufficient abundance of choice in America.


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