Protexplan Claims Procedures Page:

Protexplan Emergency Assistance 24 Hour Telephone Numbers:

Please have your policy number ready for the assistance operator….

Medical Assistance call IMG: +1-317-655-4500
Medical Assistance call the IMG USA Toll Free Line: +1-800-628-4664

For US claims, you must attend a preferred provider organization (PPO) network facility. We have 4700 hospitals, 200,000 clinics and 360,000 doctors in the network. To find a PPO network medical facility near you in the USA, please search on-line: Search US Hospital List

IMG Europe
Medical Assistance call IMG in the UK: +44-1444-465566

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Inpatient Claims:

If you have an emergency hospitalization or need elective surgery, contact IMG Assistance as soon as possible. The function of the Assistance department is to advise you on your medical condition, direct you to the appropriate hospital, arrange payment, and arrange medical evacuation by air ambulance if necessary. You must call them if you expect a medical bill to be more than US$500, or if you require CAT or MRI scans, or for pre-authorization of hospital admission. In the case of emergency admission, contact must be made within 48 hours. If you do not call or pre-authorize, then a penalty of as much as 50% of the cost of the claim can be levied. IMG Assistance will make every effort to advance funds and pay your hospital bill before you are discharged. We only want you to worry about getting better, not about money! For hospitalization cases, it is usually not necessary to submit a claim form if IMG Assistance is paying the hospital directly.


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