Why is health insurance important!

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Why is health insurance important!

Why is health insurance important!

The question could be asked for any type of insurance but the question ‘Why is health insurance important?’ has few parallels, as without our health insurance we can be left broken and broke.

Roger Anthony bought into Protexplan medical insurance in 2008 and shortly thereafter, while horseback riding in Arizona, he was thrown from his steed. He found himself under the 1,300 lb. horse. His multiple breaks and fractures required extensive hospitalization. He was put back together with various nuts, bolts, plates and screws, along with $250,000 medical bills.

It was tough for Roger as he had to go through many procedures and months and months of rehabilitation. However it could have been a tragic story if he didn’t have the foresight to be insured.

There are many stories similar to Roger’s that give a clear answer to the question ‘Why is health insurance import?’

In Roger’s case the he was covered with GlobalFusion Silver Worldwide cover and had a deductible/excess of only $500. In the end this saved Roger hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills.

If you are uninsured or looking to upgrade your health insurance be sure to peruse the protexplan.com website


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